A Road to Somewhere

How quality roads can impact your property By David Hawley If you are an avid reader of Biologic’s Farming for Wildlife like I am, you are very aware of food plot management, how to get the most out of your deer herd, and timber management. All of these can positively impact your property and add ...
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Conscious Deer Management

David Hawley When I was a kid growing up in west Alabama, quality deer management was the last thing that I had on my mind when I went out hunting. I just wanted to harvest a buck, regardless of size. We did not shoot does on my family’s farm during that time, so my first ...
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Quality Maps 101

Products and Possibilities David Hawley I remember the first time I went turkey hunting with my good friend Bill on a parcel of land he had permission to hunt. We met at a gas station a few miles from the property where he pulled out a paper sketch of the property and valiantly attempted to ...
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Turkey Heaven

In Search of the Perfect Turkey Place By David Hawley Ever since I was old enough for rational thought, I have wondered what Heaven would look like. Would there be streets of gold leading up to a huge hilltop mansion? While we can gain clues from reading the Bible, we really have no way of ...
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Lull Schmull – Does the Dreaded Autumn Lull Really Exist?

By Todd Amenrud If you listen to the chat in the local archery shop about this supposed “lull” that happens during the hunting season a couple weeks prior to breeding, you might think it is useless to venture forth in pursuit of whitetail during this period. It even has a name, in the northern half ...
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Big Bang, Little Bite – Keys to Getting Youth Hooked

By Bobby Cole During the past decade I have witnessed something occur that has amazedme. I have watched my 15 year old daughter grow up and continue to enjoy hunting. That’s a big deal to me. Her introduction to the sport was carefully orchestrated and planned. She thoroughly enjoys it now and considers herself a ...
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A Needle in a Haystack – Keys to Recovering Your Trophy

By Todd Amenrud Here he comes — flaunting a set of antlers so big it looks like a rocking chair atop his head. Your legs shake and your heart is pounding so hard you wonder if he can hear it. You can’t look at the antlers because that just makes the nervous excitement worse. Your ...
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